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Updated! (July 2022)
The application form looks slightly different, but the required content is the same.
Applications may now be submitted via email! See instructions below.

Download the form

Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Grant Application Form

Write your grant application

The list of required information and supporting documentation is on page one of the form. Requests for less than $6,000 may omit the Logic Model and Rationale. Requests for $6,000 or more must complete all sections.

You are welcome to contact the Foundation Office with any questions you have while writing your grant application.

Application deadlines

Please see Application deadlines page for information

Submit your application

A hard copy of your completed application may be submitted by mail or dropped off in person to the Foundation Office. See Let’s Keep in Touch for office hours and location.

  • (new!) Hard copies may be printed double-sided
  • Do not use staples


(new!) An electronic copy of your completed application may be submitted by email according to these instructions:

  • Submit only one file, in pdf format
  • Organize the pages as listed in the application instructions
  • Create the file from digital originals. Avoid scanning printed pages, if possible. Any scanned pages must be neat and legible
  • Minimize the file size. (Adobe Acrobat’s “Optimize PDF” tool has a “Reduce File Size” function) File size may not exceed 1 MB
  • Send the file as an email attachment to the Foundation Office email
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email within five business days, contact the Foundation Office

The Foundation Office is not able to provide technical support for electronic application submission.

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