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A Quiet Power for Good.

Daisy Marquis Jones did not care to be known as a woman of wealth. She lived most of her adult life on Wilmer Street off Monroe Avenue in Rochester and on a dairy farm in Yates County.

Not known for a flashy lifestyle, those who knew her agreed on two things:
She wanted to help others and she was a shrewd investor.

Three years before her death in 1971, she established the foundation bearing her name with the help of her nephew, Leo Marquis Lyons.

Now, half a century later, the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation continues her legacy to improve the well-being of the communities she called home.

The Foundation recognizes that, like Daisy, every person has the potential to transform our world and the change starts with us. From humble beginnings, through compassion and hard work, we can make a positive impact by strengthening our neighbors and our communities.