First Steps/Letter of Inquiry 2023-05-16T13:15:11-04:00

The Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation grant process begins with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

The purpose of the LOI is to start a conversation, and save the time needed to write and review a full application.

Please do submit an LOI if:

  • You have never received a grant from the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation, or it has been more than two years since your last grant award
  • There has been major change in your organization since your last grant award (new executive leadership, changed mission/vision, reorganization, etc.)
  • You plan to apply for a grant for a different project/program or a significantly different amount of funding than previous grant awards

An LOI is not needed if your application is consistent with recent grants awarded by the Foundation.

Submit an LOI

Please complete the online Letter of Inquiry Form.

Review and response

You will receive an email confirmation when your LOI is received by the Foundation office.  

The Foundation will review your LOI and notify you by email whether we are interested in reviewing a full application or not. The time to receive a response will vary. You are welcome to contact the Foundation office for a progress update.

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